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To express excitement about becoming part of the Sachse community and to start positively impacting the lives of others, Mustang Creek Estates of Sachse, an affordable residential-style assisted living and memory care community currently under construction, recently launched a year-round program called “Cookies for Kindness.” The goal of the program is to brighten the days of area seniors and caregivers. The Mustang Creek Estates team is asking the public to nominate anyone who lives in the Sachse area and could use an extra boost or deserves to have his or her day brightened. Mustang Creek Estates of Sachse staff will hand-deliver cookies to that person’s door to spread a little extra joy. The senior living community is partnering with Say it with Sugar Cake Shop, and is on the lookout for individuals who would enjoy this special kindness.

“As we develop Mustang Creek Estates of Sachse, we want to create a home in every way, from the smells of the kitchen to the design of the interior and exterior, and that extends to this program. We are a family, and we want to help other families,” said Renee Ramsey, co-founder and CEO of Mustang Creek Estates. “This is part of our mission and why we exist; to show compassion to seniors and the local community. We look forward to recognizing the worthy people in Sachse and the surrounding areas who are nominated by the public because they could use a little extra kindness.”

Many times, when a senior or caregiver is going through a hard time – whether it be the loss of a loved one, a sudden illness or other stress – the person becomes lonely or isolated. Mustang Creek Estates of Sachse seeks to offer a new way to reach out to people who deserve additional joy and gratitude to provide comfort, a smiling face and compassion at their doorstep. One of the first cookie recipients was Mary Lou Nard from Sachse, who received an extra dose of joy and sweetness while recovering from a bad case of shingles.

“This is such a nice gesture from Mustang Creek Estates,” said Nard. “My recovery has not been easy, and to know that somebody recognizes me as I’m going through this hard time means the world to me. It is so sweet, and it sure makes me feel so much better.”

“Just like we hope to provide support to the families we will soon serve daily, we want to lift the spirits of those who need and deserve it throughout Sachse,” said Stephanie Upton, Sales Coordinator of Mustang Creek Estates of Sachse. “We want to spread a little extra joy to others, but we need the public’s help to nominate these special individuals. We encourage everyone to help us identify those who could use a sweet treat and a smile.”

Mustang Creek Estates, whose mission is to provide seniors with high-quality residential-style assisted living and memory care at an affordable price, believes in making a positive impact in the greater community and will always look for ways to give back. Mustang Creek Estates of Sachse is now accepting reservations and expects to open in fall of 2017.

If you know someone who fits this description and could use a little boost, contact Stephanie Upton, Sales Coordinator at Mustang Creek Estates of Sachse, at 469-910-2330 or

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