Ruth Glover writes about uncommon people and places.


Writer - Informative and fascinating articles, especially for readers who like to travel

Speaker - Interactive, customized, practical, applicable

Gift of the Suitcase is Glover's recent travel memoir. Throughout her life, she applied what she learned through travel to help others on their journeys. Travel began for her when she graduated from Ohio State University. She received a big gray suitcase which she lost on the way to her summer job in Central France.

Delight in the story she recounts on her journey. Enjoy the scenery, the characters, and the message that losing baggage is not always a loss. Reminisce about your own life while you ponder her decisions.

Ruth wrote MORE than a Paycheck: Inspiration and Tools for Career Change in 2009, while she worked as a recruiter and outplacement consultant.
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When I graduated from college I received a large, gray suitcase and a round trip ticket to work in France the summer before I started teaching. The trip changed...
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