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DO YOU LIKE TO TRAVEL?  Don't miss Doors on the Danube, an ebook to inspire you to pack your suitcase immediately. If you've already taken the Danube river cruise, you will smile as you recall incidents on your voyage.

Today is the official launch of Doors on the Danube, my new ebook, available ONLY on my website. The story whisks you on an idyllic river cruise through Hungary, Austria, and Germany. Visit large and small towns along the shores. Relax on the upper deck and enjoy the entertainment. Colorful photos will make you want to pack your suitcase immediately.

This is not a typical travelogue as I share history, personal thoughts and suggestions to make your next trip the better than ever. The e-book is available NOW. Visit  to Buy NOW, download, and read immediately. Use your credit card or PayPal. 

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When I graduated from college I received a large, gray suitcase and a round trip ticket to work in France the summer before I started teaching. The trip changed my life forever. Travel to France taught me more than how to speak French.

You meet a co-worker, Christine. I introduce you to the baggage handler in Calais and the railroad clerk in Nice. You hear from the doctor who attended medical school in Switzerland in 1947 to help us understand how quickly we forget atrocities. My family makes a brief appearance. The return trip to Central France takes you through scenic beauty and inspirational situations.

Unexpected events, such as divorce, illness, and deaths change our lives. Flexibility, faith, and friends help us through hard times. As we travel through life we find new, meaningful ways to cope.

You can order Gift of the Suitcase through my website at Click “buy now” to go immediately to the order form. You can buy the paperback directly from me if you are local or from Amazon, Seattle Book Company, Nook,  IBooks, and Kindle.

When you register for free newsletter (Roving Ruth), download a free short story to help you plan your own trips for growth and enjoyment. Five Steps for a Blissful Trip is brief article to help you plan your travels. The next newsletter shows several uncommon people (both local and international) along with an exciting train ride in Switzerland. Register online at for "Roving Ruth."

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Overheard Recently

“Enough!” she exclaimed. “How much is enough to spend on Christmas? Our bills are high but I want the baby’s first Christmas to be fabulous.”

“Honey, we don’t have enough to pay the car insurance bill this month. The checkbook is  which is thinner than your pretty nail polish.  We cannot max out more credit cards.”

“Well, that just sucks! Why don’t you get a better job?”

“I like my job. Remember when the boss gave us extra when the baby was born?”

“Yeh, but what about a Christmas bonus?  The baby needs new clothes and lots of toys under the tree.”

“Well, I’m glad I have a job!”

Facing the Issues

How many families do you know facing the same issues? How much is enough? Are you worried about whether you have enough to retire? Enough to eat? Enough time with your children? Enough to buy a pizza when you come home dead tired?  Determining how much is enough can be daunting.

People can be frivolous and frantic about money, when it’s the season for joy, hope, love and peace. Too many of us squander our money and fail to realize outrageous spending does not create happiness. During this season, we need to dig deep to determine what is important in our lives.

Finding Meaning in the Holiday

If you are religious, Christmas is about the birth of Jesus with the chance to revisit the meaning of Christ-mas. If you are Jewish, it’s a chance to think about the Festival of Lights, celebrating with family, friends and food. If you simply celebrate Christmas because it’s a time to honor those close to you, you want gifts to be special. How you celebrate the religious holiday is your own business, but overspending or giving gifts to “show off” makes no sense. Why not make your gifts?  Maybe draw names, especially with a big family? How can you make this holiday wonderful without more debt?

Take time to think about the season. Think about how often we worry about what is enough. How about contemplating giving more love, comfort, forgiveness, and concern for those struggling with the issues of losing a loved one, health problems, sleeping on a bare floor or thinking no one cares.

Let’s not think so much about whether we have enough. Let’s find joy in giving more than material gifts.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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You need to read MORE than a Paycheck!

Who are your role models?

 “Children have never been very good at listening to their elders,

but they have never failed to imitate them.”

 James Baldwin

 Who are your role models?  Have you thought about that?  Was it a parent, a teacher or rock star whom you wanted to emulate?  Did your dad take you to work with him periodically?  Do you know who influenced your career most significantly?  Do you remember your very first paycheck?

Are you a role model for your children?  Is Mommy so overworked she can’t make it to her son’s band concert or is Dad so overwhelmed he never comes home until 8:00 p.m.?  What message does that send to your kids?

As a recruiter and outplacement consultant, I saw many people unwilling to let go of anger when laid off, scared they would not find another similar job.  I wrote MORE than a Paycheck to provide role models, 20 short stories, to be exact, to help people see they don’t necessarily need to change careers to find the next opportunity.

Let’s look at the first chapter, or story, in the book.  Carl’s story moves his career from sales to marketing and publishing.  When he got bored or unexpectedly laid off, he demonstrates flexibility to find the next step in his career.  Instead of competing with the same people for the same jobs, he moved his family a few times to achieve MORE than a paycheck.  Wasn’t easy, but it paid off!

I wrote the book for people who could use a few swift kicks to move their careers forward.  I want you to see you, too, can earn MORE than a paycheck.Today MORE than a Paycheck became available in e-book formats for all devices.  You can purchase it at IBooksAmazonBarnes and Noble and from other distributors.  It’s far less expensive than the print copy.  Just search online for MORE than a Paycheck by Ruth Glover.  The complete title is MORE than a Paycheck: Inspiration and Tools for Career Change.

MORE than a Paycheck

 Now available in all e-book formats!